Information for Farmers and River Managers

For farmers and river managers, Cornwall Rivers Project represents an opportunity to save money and improve rivers in Cornwall.

The Cornwall Rivers Project is targeted at 15 river catchments, outlined in the list to the left. Click on any of the links for catchment specific information.

If you manage land or river resources in any of these areas, the Westcountry Rivers Trust can offer you the following:

  • Free and confidential advice and grant assistance on your farm, river or stream
  • Free Integrated River Basin Resource Management Plans identifying opportunities for economic
    and environmental benefit
  • Free fisheries management and tourism diversification advice
  • Grants for environmental and water quality improvements, including fencing along watercourses
  • Grant search and filter to other organisations and schemes who may be able to provide assistance
  • Angling 2000, an angling marketing network scheme
before river fencing

Telephone 0870 7740704 or email for more information or to arrange a free and confidential visit from an advisor.