Community Pack

The pack is prepared on a case by case basis, following an information request to the office and may also include newsletters, project leaflets and other information related to the work of the Trust. The pack is set out in a unique folder shown below.

Westcountry Rivers Trusts Newsletter
Community Pack folder

Westcountry Rivers Trust Newsletter - Confluence
The Westcountry Rivers Trust newsletter, previously known as “Westcountry Rivers” has been renamed “Confluence”. We felt that a confluence, being the meeting of two or more rivers in one place, was an appropriate name because it refers not only to the meeting of ideas in the newsletter, but also to the meeting of the Trust’s activities, with its members and supporters.

Newsletters will be added in PDF format to the website, as soon as they are published. You can download your own copies by clicking here.

Groups visit demonstration sites highlighted in the community pack
Reducing waste production is an important message in the community pack. Here black plastic wrap is shown being stored on a farm.