The Team

Meet the team responsible for delivering Cornwall Rivers Project. While most staff at the Trust have worked on the project throughout its life, and continue to contribute from time to time, the current core delivery team are as follows:

Justin Bartley – Project Officer

Justin joined the Trust in 2005, and is now working on the Cornwall Rivers Project as a Project Officer. He is originally from East Devon where he grew up surrounded by cider apple orchards and pedigree South Devon cattle. He has an MChem in Environmental Chemistry with a year in Germany and recently completed an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London. During his studies he has carried out research into air pollution at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) near Edinburgh, as well as research into a forestry-based environmental scheme for Costa Rican farmers.

Justin is a keen traveller and has lived and worked in a number of countries, including over a year teaching English in Ecuador and India, doing volunteer work in Mexico, Guatemala and the Philippines, and literally painting Vancouver red, blue and green as a house painter. In his free time he enjoys walking, especially with dogs, looking at the sea and being grumpy...

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Ross Cherrington – Senior Rivers Officer

Ross has 15 years of hands-on experience of working on, and managing farms. He is passionate about the farming world and the countryside, he is essential to the Trust’s vision of influencing farmers from the inside.
He is a regular column writer for “Rural News” in New Zealand as well as “Manitoba Cooperator” in Canada and in May 2001, he was part of a lecture tour to New Zealand to talk about Foot and Mouth Disease.
He is currently a partner in his 220 acre family farm in Devon which is a mixed stock enterprise, where he lives with his wife and 2 children. His interests include fishing, shooting, walking and travel.

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Anna Cook – GIS Officer

Anna Cook, originally from West Sussex, is one of the Trusts Rivers Advisers. Anna attended the University of Plymouth from 1997 to 2001. She studied for a BSc Geography degree, with a research project examining soil erosion from maize fields in Cornwall and graduated with Honours in 2000. Anna chose to stay in higher education and studied for an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Management. Her research project involved mapping heath land vegetation on Dartmoor to be used as an assessment tool for heath land vegetation decline.

On graduating from university Anna started working for the Environment Agency as a data scientist. Her role involved examining and developing ways to model diffuse and point source pollution on a catchment scale. Anna joined the Westcountry Rivers Trust in 2002 as a Rivers Adviser for the Cornwall Rivers Project. Anna’s future aims are to develop skills in GIS and consultancy work.

On a personal note Anna enjoys spending time outside in the Cornish and Devon countryside on her bike or feet. Whilst also enjoying the busy social side of Plymouth!

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Dr Laurence Couldrick – Project Manager (Higher Education)

Dr Laurence Couldrick is the project manager for higher education at the Westcountry Rivers Trust. Specialising in Science education, he has extensive experience of teaching and tutoring from primary school children to university students, both in the classroom and field, as well as presenting papers at both national and international conferences. Coupled with this, Laurence has research experience in a number of disciplines from theoretical modelling through to experimental protocol design and testing.

Laurence also has experience working on time limited contracts for environmental companies on sites across the UK, including surveying and overseeing mitigation for protected species, phase 1 habitat mapping, landscape management of riverbanks and interviewing farmers nationwide to provided data for an government funded inorganic waste survey.

Laurence has successfully bid for both local and national funds, thus making further educational development within the Trust possible, and is currently designing a new Foundation Degree in Sustainable River Basin Management. He is passionate about education and wishes to see the knowledge and experience gained by the Trust over the past 10 years disseminated in novel and exciting ways.

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Gillian Dixon – Projects Manager

Gillian completed her university education in Canada where her family emigrated in 1989. She has a BSc degree in Physical Geography and an MSc in Geography, specialising in fluvial geomorphology, which involved detailed studies of pool-riffle sequences in glacially influenced streams, with a view to promoting site specific river restoration techniques. She has presented her research at an international conference and also published it in a Canadian journal.

After moving back to England in 1999, Gillian volunteered and led groups with several organisations involved in practical conservation before joining WRT where she has worked enthusiastically as a Farm and Rivers advisor for 4 years, with a one year break working at the Environment Agency in water resource licensing. In 2004 she took on the management of the Cornwall Rivers Project and will be responsible for managing future projects for the Trust.

After advising on farming issues for a number of years, Gillian became addicted to the lifestyle and now lives on a farm in deepest Devon where she can be found tending her rare breed pigs, cattle and calculating the best production rates from her chicken!

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Abby Dowding – Senior Education Officer

Abby joined the Trust in 2002 as a Rivers Advisor on the Cornwall Rivers Project. Originally from the New Forest, Abby attended the University of Plymouth from 1998 -2001 following a gap year where she worked on environmental and conservation projects as part of a Raleigh International Expedition to Zimbabwe.

Whilst as university she combined studying for a BSc (Hons) Earth Sciences Degree with competing for the university as team captain of the Equestrian team. As part of the degree programme she carried out a research project examining soil erosion processes in the badlands of South East Spain.

On graduating from university Abby moved down to Cornwall and worked as yard manager and instructor at a local equestrian centre before joining the team in 2002. She is currently working on the Cornwall Rivers Project Phase 2 as a Senior Education Officer following three years experience as an advisor. Aside from work, hobbies still include competing at a local and national level and walking with her dog Blue.

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Martin Harmer – Project Manager (Fisheries)


An experienced hydro-environmental surveyor, with expertise across a range of disciplines including techniques for land / hydrographic surveying, data capture, environmental and fisheries management.

A fascination with all things aquatic, he is an enthusiastic angler and naturalist.
Martin is now Co-ordinator for the Trust’s Angling 2000 Scheme and says : Old fisherman never die they just smell that way!


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Dee Medlicott – Project Officer

Dee Medlicott joined the Westcountry Rivers Trust in February 2005 as one of the newly appointed Scientific Advisors. Dee has a mixed farming background including a Pedigree Channel Island dairy herd. She attended the University of Hertfordshire where she graduated with BSc Hons in Ecology & Agricultural Biology.

Dee has a special interest in ecology and botany, and runs several local wildlife groups. She is currently involved in wildflower recording and Otter monitoring in the River Inny catchment.

Dee enjoys all countryside pursuits, as well as being a bit of a show-off on a surfboard!

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Lyneth Morley – Finance Officer

Lyn has worked for charities for the last 15 years as she finds they give more job satisfaction. She has a broad experience of both manual and computerised accounts in both the public and private sector and worked in London for 20 years prior to escaping to the Westcountry 2 years ago.

Known as The Office Dragon (for good reason!) she keeps the office running in the face of all odds.



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Giles Rickard - Project Officer

Giles is a newly appointed Farm and Rivers Advisor on the Cornwall Rivers Project, who has a background in Environmental Science attained through completing a BSc (hons) degree at Plymouth University. As part of his degree he completed a dissertation on diatoms of U.K lagoons which are a useful tool for tracking environmental change and events through time.

He is a keen angler with a broad knowledge of UK fisheries, including game, coarse and sea fishing and also has a strong interest in ornithology. When he is not visiting farms, he particularly enjoys water sports such as snorkeling, surfing and diving and holds a current BSAC sport diver qualification.

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